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The most reliable lampshade manufacturers with professional and greatest designers team
Lumivivum JSC is one of the most reliable lampshade manufacturers that have great and professional team that can craft any desirable lampshade for any home design and lighten with warm and happiness. That’s why worldwide companies trust Lumivivum lampshade designers and lampshade seamstresses. With help of our great team we have managed to create highest quality products (small handmade lampshades, large handmade lampshades, and Exclusive collection of handmade lampshades) for homes and public places.

Lampshade manufacturers

It’s not so easy to pick the best partner when you’re looking for best lampshade manufacturers, especially when you’re looking for long-term cooperation.
Lumivivum have been founded in 2015 and selected as the best handmade lampshade manufacturers in Lithuania. With help of our great team we have managed to create highest quality products (small handmade lampshades, large handmade lampshades, and exclusive collection of handmade lampshades) for homes and public places.
That’s why worldwide companies trust Lumivivum lampshade designers and lampshade seamstresses.

Handmade lampshade manufacturers in Europe
Handmade lampshade manufacturers in Europe

Our designers not only simply designing the lampshades, before every new product release Lumivivum team is testing products and materials in different surroundings so they meet highest quality which is needed for our exceptional clients. Our manufactured lampshades will help you make your store, business, or home stand out from the rest.
We’re constantly researching and following market trends to create very good quality lampshades with different styles that appeal to any type of customer you may have. With us you can get any types, sizes of lamps and lamp shades. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or check our website for newly released handmade lampshades.
Our goal is to create great long lasting handmade lampshades for homes, liners, banks, embassies, royal palaces and executive offices. We’re still growing company that’s manufacturing exclusive lamps with handmade lampshades.
As lampshade manufacturers we strive for highest quality lampshades design and nicer integration of them in any home environment. We have great reputation for good quality products we are trusted by many companies and private owners worldwide.

Lampshade manufacturers
Exclusive Lampshade Manufacturers exhibition stand

Lampshade manufacturers worldwide

There are many lampshade manufacturers worldwide but only few of them can offer good design, high quality and unique lampshades. Different Lampshade manufacturers offer very different services like sewing services, porcelain goods fabrication, metal fabrication, wooden products etc. but we focus on creating new designs that inspire people, creates warm light inside hearts and surroundings. We help people find more joy from light.

Services we do

In addition to our extensive lampshades portfolio, we offer custom lighting for hotels, homes, banks, embassies, royal palaces and executive offices. As lampshade manufacturers we offer services like:

  • Lampshades design,
  • Interior design,
  • Superior high quality fabrication of lampshades stands with unique lampshades,
  • Hand crafted lampshades.

We believe that there’s nothing impossible in this world and we can create amazing things together. So don’t think long and call us now for the best handmade lampshades manufacturers and your reliable supplier.
As the best local handmade lampshades manufacturers, we take pride in the superior quality and cost. Our goal is to become your best manufacturer and supplier of handmade lampshades.

Why choose our services?

  • Trust 10 year of crafting experience
  • We’re responsive and reliable
  • We’re creating high quality lampshades
  • We have an excellent on time shipping
  • We create beautiful lightning for homes
  • We are different from other lampshade manufacturers

That’s why you should choose our services and our great looking, high quality handmade lampshades.

Lumivivum team capabilities to customize vary from modifying our existing items with new specifications to create entirely new designed lamps with handmade lampshades. Our custom services include the ability to create unique finishes to match desired color palettes, case goods and fabrics.
We are very proud of the reputation we have earned in this industry. At Lumivivum, we are all committed to continuing to satisfy our customer’s needs, their desires and expectations.
As best lampshade manufacturers we’re proud to provide our services in USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Russia, France, Saudi Arabia, China and other countries worldwide. The Lumivivum serves its customers through a worldwide network of manufacturing facilities, customer support centers, as well showrooms, and show booths at major trading shows in the cities like New York, Chicago, Boston, Paris, Sankt Petersburg, London, Praha, Frankfurt, Berlin, Stockholm, Vienna and other largest cities of Europe Union.

Reliable Partners

If you’re the reseller and looking for lampshade manufacturers. You’re in the right place! We seek to work with you to create products that help you keep your customers coming back to get high quality lampshades from your store.
We’re always happy to meet with you and have a chat with nice cup of coffee. So please stop by in our showroom, browse our great looking handmade lampshade manufacturers’ website and call us to get needed answers now. Get help from our lampshade designers to satisfy your customers’ needs.


Lampshade manufacturers in Europe
Lampshade manufacturers France and all Europe

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